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Relight Energie, as a part of Relight Energie Rinnovabili S.p.a., is a company that develops medium to large scale wind farms across Italy and Central-Northern Europe, optimizing all of the processes and factors necessary for taking a project from its start to commercial operation.

The strength of Relight Energie is based on the management's extensive experience and in the quality of its people: Relight Energie counts on the proven expertise of their employees and partners and trusts in the flexible business structure which is driven by entrepreneurial spirit.
Through its subsidiaries Relight cee, created in 2010 , the Group operates in Poland and in Central-Northern Europe Countries , markets with great potential in the renewable energies sector.

Relight Energie Rinnovabili S.p.a. is part of the Relight Group.
One of the leading operators in the Italian renewable energy market, Relight is an international group with strong technological skills, unmatched human capital and an assets portfolio rapidly increasing.

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